Our Mission

The mission of Blyth-Templeton Academy is to transform the lives of its students by providing highly individualized, experiential education in small classes with dedicated and skilled educators. We are  small enough to be personally in touch with every individual, yet large enough to offer a broad range of courses. Our model combines a warm, inviting atmosphere with great teaching that allows our students to flourish.

Our History

Blyth-Templeton Academy is a collaboration between Blyth Academy and Templeton Learning who have come together to bring the highly successful and innovative educational model of Blyth Academy in Canada to the United States.


Since 1977, Blyth Academy operates for credit international programs for U.S. and Canadian high school students. In 2005, Blyth Academy (Blyth-Templeton’s sister school) opens the doors of its first full-time high school.


Blyth Academy opens second campus in Thornhill, Ontario.


Blyth Academy continues to grow, responding to incredible demand. There are now 5 schools across Ontario.


Future Blyth-Templeton Co-Founder Temp Keller creates Templeton Learning to build high quality, highly accessible K-12 education models for 21st century learners.


Blyth Academy grows to 12 campuses serving more than 6,000 students in Canada and offering more than 30 international programs.


Blyth-Templeton Academy forms a partnership between Templeton Learning and Blyth Academy.


In January, Blyth-Templeton Academy announces first campus in Washington, D.C. and recruits former Principal of the Upper School at Sidwell Friends Lee Palmer to serve as Head of School.


Blyth-Templeton Academy opens its first school in Washington, D.C. in the historic Hill Center less than a mile from Capitol Hill.


In May, the first Blyth-Templeton Academy graduates matriculate and head off to college. BTA students wrap up a great first year with more than 70 experiential learning off-campus activities.


In September, Blyth-Templeton Academy kicks off the second academic year with a nearly doubled student body, a wide variety of courses offered, and a growing number of extraordinary teachers.

Our Team

Lee Palmer

Head of School

Rebecca Claster

College Counselor

Radha Parameswaran​

STEM Coordinator

David Sekora

Computer Science and Mathematics

Sharita Thompson

History Teacher

Adam Curtis

Drama, Theater & Film Teacher

Adrienne Kralick

Visual Arts Teacher

Leslie Jean

Photography Teacher

Jack Leathers

Biology and Environmental Science Teacher

Timothy Guy

Mathematics Teacher

Yinzú Nairouz

Mathematics and Spanish Teacher

Clover Afokpa

Humanities and French Teacher

Lindsey Nelson

Mathematics and Physics Teacher

Sarah Norman

Visual Arts Teacher

Mengsteab Weldegaber

Mathematics and Science Teacher

Sam Blyth


Temp Keller

Co-founder and Director

Patrick Shaw

Board Member

Dennis Keller


Ben Wallerstein

Board Member