Student Life

Student life at Blyth-Templeton Academy is structured to provide a well-rounded educational experience both in and out of school. While academic success and student growth are our top priorities, we believe strongly in the importance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.  During the school day, our students focus on their academic courses and how to manage their time so that they have space outside of school to pursue their interests.  Homework averages one to two hours daily and there are blocks of time during the school day for students to work with their classmates and teachers on homework.

Both the size and philosophy of Blyth-Templeton Academy provides our students with the opportunity to develop new interests and to pursue new activities. All students are given the opportunity to propose co-curricular activities during the school day that interest them – clubs, events, speakers, and courses.   All school activities take place under the direct supervision of staff members.  BTA also encourages our students to participate in extra-curricular activities outside of school – service, jobs, internships, arts and athletic participation.  Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills that will allow them to open any door they choose to open and to have them learn in the community rather than in a school bubble.

Service Learning

Students at Blyth-Templeton engage in projects that help serve our community. Whether it’s building garden beds, growing vegetables, or tutoring neighborhood students, we are continually exploring ways to get involved and make a difference.  Each student also has an individual service learning requirement – please see our Service Learning Contract and supporting documents:

  • Service Learning Log Sheet
  • Individual Service Learning Student Evaluation
  • Supervisor’s Evaluation Form

Venture Grant Program

The BTA Venture Grant Program provides financial assistance (up to $250) to students in the pursuit of meaningful and distinct trans-disciplinary projects and products.  These projects are completed not for credit or a grade but to enhance the recipient of the grant as well as the greater Blyth-Templeton community.  All current BTA students who are interested in engaging in independent projects in the pursuit of furthering their academic, personal, and entrepreneurial growth as well as adding to and giving back to the BTA community are eligible.

BTA Venture Grant Program Proposal Form


All students are required to take the courses Foundations in Grade 9 or 10 and Interdisciplinary Studies in Grade 11 or 12.  These courses include financial literacy, job preparation, and exploration of how each student can use their gifts to help themselves and others.  BTA students babysit, mow lawns, work at donut shops, bike shops, restaurants, ice rinks, sports camps, museums, after-school programs and technology support.


BTA does not set up internship opportunities for our students.  Instead, we provide training in identifying internships that match student interest, application processes, and support as needed so that students can develop independence and agency.  BTA students have obtained internships in business, science, the arts, public service, technology and other areas of interest.

Arts & Athletics

BTA students participate in a wide range of Arts and Athletics activities depending on their interests.  Some examples are:

  • Sports
    • DC Stoddert Soccer
    • Soccer on the Hill
    • DC United Soccer
    • Capitol Futbol
    • Bethesda Soccer Club
    • American Parkour Academy
    • Sports on the Hill
    • Earth Treks Rock Climbing
    • Fencing
    • School Without Walls Lacrosse Club
    • School Without Walls Bicycle Team
    • Tennis
    • Field Hockey
    • Swimming
    • Baseball
    • Martial Arts
    • Track and Field
    • Weight Training
  • Music
    • DC Youth Orchestra
    • Levine School of Music
    • Private lessons
    • Professional bands
  • Dance
  • Theater & Film
    • Synetic Theater
    • Shakespeare Theater Company
    • Imagination Stage

DC One Card

Blyth-Templeton Academy students who live in Washington D.C. are eligible for the Transit Subsidy Program, which “offers free or reduced fares for District students who use Metrobus, the DC Circulator, or Metrorail to travel to and from school and school-related activities.”

Please use the following resources to obtain a DC One Card:

  1. DC One Card Registration Process
  2. DC One Card Registration Instructions

For questions, please call our Academy Administrator at (202)847-0779.